From before and after Christmas


Back to Mexico

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Christmas at Puerto Morelos

I spent my Christmas week at an 5-star all-inclusive beach resort. The service was obviously excellent but the light was even better. I only shot film during this trip and I loved it. I had all the time in the world to just shoot without having to worry about the results and looking at a screen. I was much more focused on the next picture rather than checking how the previous one turned out. My New Year’s resolution is to shoot all personal project on film!

Leaving Mexico City

Cancún airport

The resort

Japanese restaurant

Beach style Christmas

Chilli boy (the black boy in the middle). He got 10 dollars for having a bit of a Habanero. This is what happened 5 seconds after he swallowed

Having a stroll in the town

Beach composition

Getting prepared for snorkeling

Tequila-fuelled beach party

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Happy New Year :DD


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New Leica M6 TTL

So, usually I abstain from talking too much about gear because it really is irrelevant to the artistic qualities of the photographer and his pictures. A great photographer can use pretty much any piece of equipment and achieve what he wants. However, a nice camera definitely makes the job easier. So I made a decision to go back to film in order to be able to shoot the Leica M6 TTL and shoot in BW straight away without having to go through the conversion phase on the computer. I’m simply blown away! The shutter sound is barely audible and far far quieter than on my M9. I just ran my first roll of film through it and it felt great no knowing what the pictures turned out like. Here are some of the results that I got:

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Nighttime frames

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Wadham Queerfest 2011

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Night out in London

Some pictures that I just took for fun

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