About me

I am a Finnish photojournalist and street photographer studying in Oxford. I spend my free time taking pictures for Cherwell, the local student newspaper as well as on doing my personal work on the streets of Oxford, Washington DC or wherever I happen to be. In my photography I strive for spontaneity and capturing meaningful moments that tell a story to the viewer. I have a strong aversion to staged pictures because I believe they fail to penetrate the true essence of a subject. This is my portfolio website This blog is my sketchbook where I try out images and show my most recent work. Please notice that all of my images are copyrighted (even the earlier ones without a watermark) and that you have no right of using any of them without my explicit permission. However, I am more than happy for any of these images to be used in publications as long as I get fair compensation.

2 Responses to About me

  1. Alison Wiblin says:

    Please call me 01865 278857, I would like to get permission to use one of your photo’s in the St Peter’s College, annual publication ‘The Record’. I have emailed you, but you have not replied.

    • Lauri Saksa says:

      Hey Alison, sorry about that. It looks like your message got lost in the middle of advertisements and other things in my inbox. Could you just tell me which image you’d like to use. If you just tell me the number of the image (from the top) that would be great.

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