Fire in Gion, Kyoto

I was just about to go to bed when I started hearing super loud siren noise. We opened the window (in the first picture) and realized there was a fire in the building right next to the hostel I’m staying at in Kyoto. So I grabbed my camera and tried to document the raving fire. It was eventually controlled. However, the building, and antique shop, and its contents (perhaps representing a lifetime of work) were completely destroyed.

The first frame, shot from my window. The firemen have just arrived

Getting the ladder ready

The fire starts gaining momentum

The firemen go in trying to look for anybody still in the house

Others work on containing the fire

Efficient Japanese organization

Situation under control

Poor people!

About Lauri Saksa

I'm a Finnish photojournalist and street photographer based in Oxford. I strive to make beautiful images that capture the essence of a moment. Everything I shoot is unstaged, spontaneous and strives to capture life as it is.
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