Whose streets? Our streets!

I went down to London on Saturday to experience and document yet another day of student protests against the rise in tuition fees at British universities. Saturday’s march was significantly less violent than the previous ones as police were better prepared and more numerous. Protestors gathered a lot of support from young and old people in the street that were sympathetic to their cause and also loathed the UK government’s vast spending cuts in the public sector and education. 

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Getting ready for a long day of protest

Old people joined the struggle too

And young people put on their best attire.

A very keen protestor


Even animals hate the cuts!

the younger generation was in the struggle with the students too

The students gathered widespread support from the street

Police getting prepared for a long day


Police discussing the route of the demonstration

Camden ladies

Police marched with the students all day long.

Londoners were extremely curious about the protests.

The protests were mostly peaceful.

Reception was good to the students

Passing some time

Fighting for EMA

Protestors made sure they were noticed.

Students directed their anger against vodafone.

Top Shop survived major damage despite being attacked several times during the day

Police wer every keen to identify the potential troublemakers.

The march leader had a little rest on Oxford Street after 6 hours of continuous march and running.

But the march kept going till the late evening.

Some people got arrested.

Students filmed the police back.

In the end, students finally managed to attack a boots store.

Police had had enough and started rounding up people.

Many people were taken down and beaten.

More people got arrested.

Going home after an intense day

About Lauri Saksa

I'm a Finnish photojournalist and street photographer based in Oxford. I strive to make beautiful images that capture the essence of a moment. Everything I shoot is unstaged, spontaneous and strives to capture life as it is.
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2 Responses to Whose streets? Our streets!

  1. Madam Snapper says:

    Hi I really enjoyed your blog, these photos are amazing, I have recently started my own blog and found this really inspiring to get out and take more photos. Cheers

    • Lauri Saksa says:

      Well, thanks that’s really nice to hear. I started this at the end of last January and it really keeps me out shooting more, which is great. Just keep your eyes open and carry your camera everywhere and good things will happen!

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