In solidarity with Egypt

I went to see the student new edition of student protests in London on Saturday. The striking feature was the mutual solidarity between Tunisians and Egyptians and the students. These pictures are from the demonstration outside the Egyptian embassy where people were supporting the struggle of their own countrymen in Egypt. I will have the pictures of the actual student demonstrations tomorrow as soon as I’m done with my essay!

Hundreds of UK-based Egyptians turned up to protest in front of their embassy to demand Mubarak to sep down

People were also following the live events in Egypt as their own protest went on

These girls were really happy about the uprise in their country

About Lauri Saksa

I'm a Finnish photojournalist and street photographer based in Oxford. I strive to make beautiful images that capture the essence of a moment. Everything I shoot is unstaged, spontaneous and strives to capture life as it is.
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  1. Kari Vanhapiha says:

    Real Gallery!

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