Anti-cut protests aren’t over in Oxford

So today was another day of action against the cuts in public services and education. Various leftwing groups got together at the Carfax Tower, a landmark site at the end of Cornmarket Street. This protest did not match the scale of previous ones in Oxford, but there was some serious scuffle between the police and protestors. One arrest was made and the police confiscated the batteries of the protestors’ sound system on a trolley.

Handing out informative leaflets

The protestors hit Cornmarket street

Barclay's wasn't impressed by the protests

Shoppers watch in awe as a group of fed-up protestors penetrate the Clarendon Center

the mall guards were quick to mobilize to stop protestors

But in the end, the guards had to let the protestors march through the mall.

Protestors came back to the street to continue their rave.

An old-timer got excited about seeing so many young people protesting against the system

Police were very aggressive and stepped straight in to try and stop the protestors' sound system in the in the shopping cart.

Things heated up quickly as protestors weren't exactly keen on giving up their sound system.

Police gets in to try and remove the batteries from the speakers

Police stop and interrogate this young man.

Finally, the police decided to single out this student and arrest him.

The atmosphere quickly died out after the arrest but one could see protestors looking forward to the bigger protests against the cut of EMA in London on Saturday.

About Lauri Saksa

I'm a Finnish photojournalist and street photographer based in Oxford. I strive to make beautiful images that capture the essence of a moment. Everything I shoot is unstaged, spontaneous and strives to capture life as it is.
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